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Razzoo Bar & Patio and Darron Wheeler ENT during Essence Festival

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Every year, Darron Wheeler Entertainment sets up what has been dubbed the UNOFFICIAL PARTY HEADQUARTERS during Essence Festival weekend. There are plenty of bars on Bourbon Street but what makes Razzoo's special is the extra attention and distinguished planning coordinated with Razzoo owners, staff, and Darron Wheeler Entertainment.

Each year, Darron Wheeler Entertainment coordinates, hires, and curates a special line- up of DJs who have flown in from around the globe to give a versatile sound, guaranteed to give guests the best experience with a $5 donation from party-goers who see value in supporting the continued efforts allowing the admission to remain free to all patrons as he recognizes the accessibility and high price tags on hotels, flights and concert tickets. He said, "Yes, I could probably charge a steep cover for folks to gain entrance to the bar but I wanted to set up a family reunion vibe, a place where everyone is welcome, whether they have money to pay or not. It isn't about celebrities in Razzoo, it's about the real stars of the festival, THE PEOPLE!"

Razzoo owners also offer super cheap wells at the bar to keep in line with Darron Wheeler Entertainments' commitment to providing the most affordable option on Bourbon Street.

The most popular party is the JUST WEAR WHITE Day Party on Friday and this year Darron Wheeler Entertainment is bringing back the PINK AFFAIR!

Please Note: Travel agents are encouraged to contact for tickets including a special rate on additional signature events and commemorative items.

Razzoo Events happening during the 2022 Essence Festival Weekend

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