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Darron Wheeler Entertainment marketing director, LeAndrea Mack recently visited Africa to deliver ov

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

September is National Literacy Month and September 8 was International Literacy Day, and for Darron Wheeler Entertainment blogger, marketing director & author LeAndrea Mack, September 2018 continued her efforts to promote literacy with her children's books in a huge way.

She begin co-authoring children's books with her daughter in 2014, holding book clubs and other activities at local libraries, community centers and schools.

As her daughter grew out of chapter books, she moved on to writing suspense/thrillers for adults but still found time to volunteer with organizations like the Third & Long Foundation and the School Districts in her area.

She explained, "I never saw myself as an educator, just someone who had a passion for reading and creative writing and wanted to help children see that reading could be tied to enjoyable social experiences through book clubs. I also wanted to bring the process of writing to life for children. I want them to see it as not just a way to relay information but a means to communicate their emotions, express themselves and share their experiences with the world."

And sharing with the world, is just what she did as she traveled to Africa,in the City of Lagos Nigeria, to deliver children's books and interact with students at The Grange School, in Nigeria. The 16 hour flight included flying out of Chicago's O'Hare airport, stopping over in Frankfurt, Germany before ending with a connecting flight to Lagos.

It was a long way from home but a place she had always hoped to visit, "Being an African American, it was becoming increasingly important to visit the continent. After completing an AncestryDNA kit and confirming that my DNA match mainly in West Africa, I knew where I wanted to go. It wasn't an easy task. On top of having a passport, you need a visa and you really need to know some of the locals for moving around. The streets are busier than New York City, with inoperable stoplights and traffic plummeting from every direction. Still, the experience was beyond my wildest dreams. I was on another continent, one where my family history can be traced, one that all of humanity can trace and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

The children's books donated were authored by LeAndrea Mack so the children were able to get their book signed by a real American author. Book bags were also donated to 100 children as well.

Darron Wheeler, CEO of Darron Wheeler Entertainment explained, "Darron Wheeler Entertainment is an international brand that promotes events all around the world but we are also a company who values life, literacy and love, so when I heard about the opportunity our marketing director had, I did not hesitate to get involved."

LeAndrea Mack’s suspense/thriller, Seeing Red and novella Envy were both featured at the past two Essence Festivals and she has plans to return to the festival as an author, a third time, for a new suspense thriller in 2019 and a special book signing during the Hangover Brunch during the 2019 Essence Festival.

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