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A Party Tip from Darron Wheeler Entertainment

Technology has come a long way! We can now simply download our tickets, or screenshot them on our phone, for entrance into parties but....print your tickets!

The thrills of the festival usually leave us away from our phone chargers; snapping selfies, going live on FaceBook and sharing our experience via Snapchat or text message.

With that in mind, Darron Wheeler Entertainment suggests that you still have a hard copy of all your tickets printed and in tow. The worst thing ever, is getting to the entrance of a party or event, and your phone goes dead(we’ve seen it happen), your network is slow loading the tickets or even worse, you forgot which email you saved your tickets under and before you know it, you've locked yourself out while standing at the front of the line.

We want everyone to have a good time and will continue to share tips that will help your time at the 2018 Essence Festival be as fun and stress-free as possible!

Read our blog on "6 Things I Always Forget to bring to the Essence Festival."

For more information on parties and other events during Essence Festival Weekend, visit: DARRONWHEELERENT.COM

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