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The schedules for Essence’s Beauty & Style Expos are up! Get the link to the schedule here!

The schedules for Essence’s Beauty & Style Expos are up and they have packed the day with free product giveaways, style consultations, meet and greets with popular beauty bloggers, mini-make overs and more! Held inside the convention center, Friday-Sunday, there is a LOT to be excited about!

Essence’s Beauty & Style Expo features the Beauty Carnival which hosts curated fashion shows and conversation panels with beauty editors, celebrity stylist and surprise guest. In addition, the Essence Beauty Bungalow is the place to get freebies, swag bags and more!

The Beauty & Style Expo goes from 10am to 5pm each day with re-occurring segments like:

Beauty Moments with My Black is Beautiful, Palmer’s and Unilever


Street Style Fashion Show

And one time segments like:

RESPECT THE ARCHITECTS with Misa Hylton and Dapper Dan

Tales from Hip Hop Style Icons with Kool Mo Dee & Yo Yo

A performance from the award winning, Divas of Olive Branch.

Click here to view the entire Beauty & Style Expo schedule for Essence Festival Weekend.

Please note: The schedule seems to be posted pretty far down on the page so just keep scrolling until the schedule appears and don't forget to download the Essence Festival App where they will begin posting schedules for both the Superdome and the Convention Center soon.

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