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What did the 16-year Essence Festival vet have to say to the first-year rookie? (and other experienc

Experience ONE: Kerry Butler, Essence Festival-goer Vet

A 16 year VET of the Essence Festival who tries to, “hit up 4-5 parties per day/night for at least 30 min to an hour.”

Kerry recommends staying in the French Quarters to experience its beautiful and historic sights.

She ALWAYS remembers to bring hair clips and a fan because, “it’s HOT and HUMID.”

Once she forgot her ID:

I once left my wallet on the plane on the way to NOLA. I had to get my son to wire money to me. But I had no ID so it was a horrible weekend. I only had about 100 in cash (I had pre purchased everything) so I ate at Popeyes a lot. I went out with a random dude just for dinner and drinks lol (of which we became really good friends). Yes, it was inconvenient.


Every year, she attends at least two concerts and explains her most memorable concert:

2014 PRINCE!!! I was able to get back stage and stalk him. Got to get really close but no contact.

This year she is looking forward to, “Reconnecting with my O.G. roommates from 2004! We have not stayed in the same room since then. BUT this time we booked the Ritz Carlton and we gonna bring the party to the N.O.! Or try to at least!”

The advice she gives to newbie, Chandi Webster is:

Chandi Webster says she has always been interested in the Essence Festival but simply put forth the effort to make it happen for 2018.

She is particularly interested in the 50 Shades of Black Party, the 20th All White Day Affair at the Metro, the Somewhat Saved Brunch and the All-Star Converse All White Day Party.

She was pretty confused about which parties to attend and found it rather tricky to map out a plan but she eventually was plugged in with the right people to help sort the confusion.

She has a list of places she wants to eat at and is eager to try the famous hand grenade that she has heard so much about.

Will she make it through her list????

Experience Two: Daryl Williams, Essence Festival-goer Vet

He has only missed three or four Essence Fest since 1995. He always looks forward to the parties at Razzoo's and his favorite thing to eat is the charbroiled oyster at Drago’s.

He is not really a big fan of Hand Grenades and declares, “ITS ALL ABOUT PAT O’BRIEN’S HURRICANES!

He recommends staying in the French Quarters during the festival explaining, “you are right in the mix! I highly recommend it!”

He used to attend ALL THREE NIGHTS at the Superdome but he realized it was, “too much other stuff going on and the artist line-up doesn’t really wow me anymore.”

However, he also recalls that the year Prince was there was “like no other Essence Concert before or after!”

This year he is looking forward to all the new energy that’s in attendance because of the movie Girls Trip.

The advice he gives to newbie, Porsha Grissom is:

“Wear comfortable shoes and bring face towels. IT WILL BE HOT!”

Porsha Grissom says she’s been eyeing the Essence Music Festival for the last ten years but has continued to have unforeseen events interfere until this year.

She is excited for the Pink Affair and All Star Converse Just Wear White day parties at Razzoo's and considers the Metro White Party a must-do party for her this year. She admits there is a copious amount of events but she has chosen a few and will let the rest of her visit flow freely.

Porsha exclaimed, “I am excited to have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. The anticipation is such an amazing feeling. I cant wait to go an create and collect everlasting memories!

I think Porsha has captured the excitement of newbies and festival vets alike.

Stay tuned for more experiences from other Essence Festival-goers both newbies and vets and GET READY FOR THE 2018 ESSENCE FESTIVAL in New Orleans, Louisiana!

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