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DWE's #FireHotFeature: WELLS W. of The S.E.T Network

DWE's #FireHotFeature:

WELLS W. of The S.E.T Network

The Special Event Travel Network, better known as the S.E.T Network, is a special event travel network established in 1996, well before Orbitz, Travelocity, or The S.E.T Network, recognized, “the need to provide information online about events, where to stay, and party.”

The S.E.T Network, is also the longest running urban event website in the country, members of the Better Business Bureau, and serve over 10,000 guests every year.

WELLS W., of the S.E.T Network, has personally been to the festival at least fourteen times and still loves, “the people & the chilled vibe of everyone on site.” We also asked him, with all that experience, to give a little advice for festival goers, to which he recommended, “No rental cars. Wear flat shoes, head towels, visit Dragos [Restaurant] and get water bottles, with no water in them, LOL.”

Hosting events during Essence Festival, for over 14 years, his favorite part is, “Seeing the smiling faces, after having had an awesome time at one of the events, and to see them return for another experience in a different place. We are like family...”

This year, the S.E.T Network is affiliated with all the white parties held on the Creole Queen Riverboat, Friday through Sunday, and an exclusive Comedy show on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking to Wells W. we learned that the S.E.T Networks history is impressive, and spans back to BET’s spring Bling and Black Spring Break Daytona, he explains, “If you remember BET Spring Bling, or Black Spring Break Daytona. We were the directors for that time span in Daytona. We also started the Miami Memorial Day Get-a-way. So we’ve been around a very long time. We also own the Memorial Day Weekend in Puerto Rico event, which is now in Jamaica in 2018.”

Thinking about all that the S.E.T Network has accomplished, Wells W took the time to shout out everyone saying, “THANK YOU SET NETWORK STAFF! IT WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU. THANK YOU LOYAL ATTENDEES!”

Find out more about the S.E.T NETWORK:


Facebook: setnetworkevents

Instragram: SET_NETWORK

For more information about festival events, visit:

This article was written by journalist and author LeAndrea Mack for Darron Wheeler Entertainment. Join author LeAndrea Mack at this year’s Essence Festival for the release celebration of her newest novel ENVY, during the All Star Converse Just Wear White Day Party!


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