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DWE'S #FireHotFeature: Keshia Walker-Insights Marketing and Promotions Company

DWE's #FireHotFeature:

Keshia Walker

Insights Marketing and Promotions Company

Celebrating 20 years of business with Insights Marketing and Promotions Company (or Insights), Keshia Walker has never missed an Essence Festival.In fact, she has been providing entertainment and events during the Essence Festival since its inception. Spearheading some of the most amazing events during the festival, she revealed that, “the very first year of the Essence Music Festival, we had an event at the Contemporary Arts Center."

Even after Hurricane Katrina, Keshia Walker attended the festival in Houston. With all that experience, we asked for a few tips for our readers and festival newbies to which she gave this advice, “Plan early. Make sure you get a chance to experience the real City of New Orleans and not just the events during the Essence Festival and support local black owned businesses and vendors while you're in town.”

Inquiring about her festival we learned that her favorite components of the festival included, “The variety of events and programming in the Marketplace at the Convention Center, the Superdome and Insights annual All White Affair day party on Saturday.”

This year, in honor of their 20th business anniversary, Keshia also revealed that, “Insights will be hosting a full weekend of events from Friday thru Sunday including, for the first time ever, Essence en Blanc, an invitation-only Women's Honors Brunch, celebrating some outstanding women in seven categories.”

Keshia Walker has been an entrepreneur since high school and explained that, “It's in my blood. My parents were also entrepreneurs.” She is excited for Insights’ next 20 years, and look forward to bringing for the request of a lot of our followers clients and attendees some International trips in 2019 and new live music events.

Insights and Keshia Walker continue to bring another level of events during the festival and we would like to congratulate her on 20 years of service. In addition, Keshia also thanked, “…[Insight’s] corporate clients and partners and everyone who has supported our events during the last 20 years! THANK YOU to our amazing corporate office in Atlanta, that leads our branding, social media and accounting efforts: Erin Walton, Gretchen Fuller, Jacinta Owens and Brittany Barnwell; all our Insights market managers and brand ambassadors that come in from all over the country to support our annual events programming and efforts during Essence each year; from as far west as Los Angeles and as far north as DC & New York.”

Learn more about Keshia Walker, Insights and all their events during the festival by following:

Facebook: insightsmarketing

Instagram: insightskw

Twitter: insightskw

For more information about festival events, visit:

This article was written by journalist and author LeAndrea Mack for Darron Wheeler Entertainment. Join author LeAndrea Mack at this year’s Essence Festival for the release celebration of her newest novel ENVY, during the All Star Converse Just Wear White Day Party!


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