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DWE's #FireHotFeature: The FaceBook Group-Essence Music Festival by Sun Est

DWE's #FireHotFeature:

The FaceBook Group

Essence Music Festival by Sun Est

Recently changed from Essence Music Festival/New Orleans 2014 to Essence Music Festival by SunEst, the Facebook group manager, Sun Est has one of the most productive groups on FaceBook dedicated to the Essence Festival.

This group was started around 2009/2010 after celebrating her 30th birthday. She explained, “My two girlfriends and I celebrated our 30th birthday at Essence in 2008. We got there and didn't know what to do, where to eat or where to be. We started the group to get to know the Vets and get as much information so when I returned to New Orleans for Essence I would get the most out of my experience.”

Coming upon her 10th visit to the festival, she was asked what her favorite part of the festival was, she responded, “I don’t have one specific favorite part. Each year I try to do something new and learn something different. I absolutely enjoy all parts of NOLA but especially during the festival. The food, music, atmosphere and definitely the people.”

Since she is coming upon a decade of experience as a festival-goer, she was also asked to give some advice for less seasoned festival-goers. She revealed, “Wear comfortable shoes, try different foods, stop in the Convention Center at least once during the festival and definitely check out the concerts at the SuperDome.”

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons this FaceBook group will continue to thrive is because there is so much veteran information shared throughout the days leading up to the festival. Sun Est explains, “I try to support all promoters/ parties and this group has been a great place for everyone to shine. We have taken on signature colors red and yellow, so we all can immediately recognized each other and after that, it's all love and support.” [Bracelets are displayed at the bottom of this article along with a link to her Facebook group]

Being able to provide a group like this is invaluable for festival-goers. It provides a well-rounded experience for festival goers, a platform to interact with other festival-goers and a way to keep up with new news surrounding the festival. Sun Est loves that her Facebook group has, “...grown into a family and each July, during Essence, it's been like a Family Reunion either at Razzoos or walking down Bourbon Street. We all know what's going on and we all look out for each other. So many life-long friendships have been created due to the group.”

She also mentioned, “I wanna shout out my core members who have been around since at least 2014 and before, and also the members that stay active all year long that help maintain a positive vibe in the group.”

An interesting fact about Sun Est we just couldn’t resist sharing is that she eats 4-6 dozen char-boiled oysters while at the festival each year. Whoa!

Facebook Group:

For more information about festival events, visit:

This article was written by journalist and author LeAndrea Mack for Darron Wheeler Entertainment. Join author LeAndrea Mack at this year’s Essence Festival for the release celebration of her newest novel ENVY, during the All Star Converse Just Wear White Day Party!


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