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DWE"S #FireHotFeature: DJ Boogie of New York

Darron Wheeler Entertainment


DJ Boogie of New York

The hot DJ Boogie makes the #FireHotFeature as a DJ for this year’s EMF Kick Off with Kid Capri party, Just Wear White and Pink Affair Day parties at Razoo’s, the 50 Shades of Black-Masquerade Edition and Denim and Diamonds Affair during the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. As you can see, he will be spinning back to back at some of the hottest parties throughout the weekend.

[Links to all parties listed are at the bottom of the page]

This will be DJ Boogie’s fourth year at the festival and he is certainly ready to spin for festival-goers as he explained that he is excited to “see people enjoying themselves to the sound of the music I play.”

Also spinning for Firehouse Radio, DJ Boogie was asked what he loved most about being a DJ, he revealed that he simply loves, “…bringing joy to other people's lives through music.”

His top five biggest influences in music have been:

Kid Capri

Lord Finesse


DJ Khalid

Puff Daddy & the Family

He also revealed that aside from music, the one thing that meant the most to him was family.

Loving to travel, see the world and be around interesting people, he has come to look forward to his time at the Essence Festival and shouted out Da Chosen Team and Darron Wheeler Entertainment for the amazing opportunities.

Follow him at:

IG- @dj _boogie

Snapchat- Djboogiemp3

For more information about festival events, visit:

This article was written by journalist and author LeAndrea Mack for Darron Wheeler Entertainment. Join author LeAndrea Mack at this year’s Essence Festival for the release celebration of her newest novel ENVY, during the All Star Converse Just Wear White Day Party!


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