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Who is Darron Wheeler?

Chances are, if you have been searching for the hottest parties during the Essence Festival, one of the parties that comes up has the name DARRON WHEELER ENTERTAINMENT attached to the flyer.

For several years now, festival goers have looked for parties that bear his stamp to ensure the crowd and the atmosphere is to their standards but who is this, Darron Wheeler and how did he become a Baltimore promoter with deep connections to the nightlife during the Essence Festival?

It all started with a dare. As an annual Essence Festival goer himself, he attended a lot of events and most of these events came with a heavy price tag to attend.

In 2010, he came up with an idea to host a FREE event on one of the Most Famous Streets in America, during one of the Most Attended Events of the Year, THE ESSENCE FESTIVAL.

A White Party on Bourbon Street in New Orleans????

He pitched a “Just Wear White” party to several individuals but they weren't convinced that it could be a successful event, after all, the color white was clean and crisp and Bourbon Street was...well dirty.

They warned him that the combination of white garments and the bustle of Bourbon Street would be a blunder.

For the majority of promoters, that would have been the death of that idea but it was a challenge-accepted for promoter Darron Wheeler. He was confident that his real connection with Essence Festival -goers and being a festival-goer himself, he could pull off not just having a white party on Bourbon Street but having a wildly successful party on Bourbon Street...and he did!

He begin to promote the "Just Wear White" party to as many Essence Festival groups that he could find on FaceBook and other social media sites with the famous Razzoo's Bar and Patio located on Bourbon Street being the destination for this bold all white party. The news spread like wildfire and has since become one of the most anticipated events during the Essence Festival every year.

With having met over 10,000 attendees of the Festival over the years, the motivation to get together for more than just the Essence Festival became a more attractive idea to avid travelers. It was a prime opportunity for promoter Darron Wheeler to start a business that would allow large groups to choose a destination and come together for an amazing weekend full of fun and entertainment.

Darron Wheeler Entertainment

Darron Wheeler Entertainment is a destination travel and entertainment company that host events all over the US bringing like-minded people together for fun, entertainment and priceless memories.

It is a full service travel agency and entertainment company who specializes in booking the Best Brunches, Happy Hours, Nightclubs, Sporting Events and even Spas as sources of entertainment with New Orleans and the Essence Festival being the primary destination city.

Wheeler says, "We like to think of the various smaller events throughout the year as breakout meetings leading up to the big show[Essence Festival]. It has been a fun ride to this point, as we move forward, I am looking to expand and partner with other travel agencies and entertainment professionals to make Darron Wheeler Entertainment the copious choice for both the travel and entertainment experiences.

Wheeler's​ anticipated “Just Wear White” day party at the famous Razzoo's Bar and Patio will be held again this year during the 2018 Essence Festival on Friday July 6th from 11am-7pm. This is a FREE event but for guaranteed complimentary admission, click here to RSVP.

To find out about more parties that are Darron Wheeler Entertainment affliated, go to:

This article was written by journalist and author LeAndrea Mack for Darron Wheeler Entertainment. Join author LeAndrea Mack at this year’s Essence Festival for the release celebration of her newest novel ENVY, during the All Star Converse Just Wear White Day Party!


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